The Forever Bear

Introducing “The Forever Bear”. The Bear that lasts forever!

The forever bear is my own creation designed to be a rugged long lasting teddy bear. The project is completed using veg tanned leather 4-5oz you can use a variety of leathers. The bear is approximately 9.5 inches tall and about 9 inches wide from foot to foot. Can be filled with a variety of material some sort of poly foam or fiberfill I think works well. You can add all sorts of things. A tail a collar , button nose the possibilities are endless.

You can download the template for this bear in my shop. For less than $10 you can have a bear that lasts many generations.

Watch making the forever bear.

Overview of Assembly

Use card stock to make a template.

Use a glue to adhere the printout to a hard poster board or cardstock.

Use an exacto knife or razor to precisely cutout the shapes.

Make sure to LEAVE THE LINE when cutting out the shapes.

Scribe the pattern onto the leather. I like to use a soft pencil, a scratch awl works as well. I used 4-5 oz. vegetable tanned leather for this one pictured. I recently purchased some other types of leather to make some different textures. I might even try cobra skin accents. I wouldn’t use anything thicker than 5-6oz.

Punch holes and dye.

Once you punch the holes out staying away from the edge. The next step, if you’re going to color it now’s the time.


I used an .8mm thread but thicker is probably better. I used a cross stitch to assemble. This is how I assembled the Forever bear.

I started with the sides of the head first adding the ears in with the stitches as pictured , (add the eyes if you are going to sew them in) then attached them to the center head part. I sewed the snout together with the chin, and attached it to the head that I had assembled earlier. I moved onto the belly and then the back. the legs went on after the body section was complete. The legs fit one way and should face forward like a sitting position. the seams of the leg line up one hole over from the seam of the body. the leg piece is angled to fit one way. One of the arms go on next. the seam of the arm and seam of the body line up. After one arm, then the head. If you sew on both arms first, then getting the head on will be a nightmare. so do one arm then the head. stuff the head with something squishy foam or whatever. Then the other arm gets attached. stuff the arms and legs using a stick to push the fill into the body through the robust arms. I used a scrap piece of leather like a barrier, to keep the fill in the legs and arms from interfering with my stitching. Well you just have to stitch the hands and feet on. I did the hands with the wider part on the bottom like an upright egg. but you’re done. now give it away to someone.